Considering I’m a day behind, I thought I’d merge two days together. AND considering I also do most of my Christmas shopping online, I’d probably struggle for an image to post for it. So here is a little mash up of both Christmas Shopping and Christmas Markets.

Manchester Christmas Markets

After squeezing in just a couple of hours at the Manchester Christmas Markets last year, we decided to make a day of it this time around! As well as discovering my new found love for mulled wine, we also consumed more food than we thought to be physically possible – it was all amazing. There is simply too much to choose from on the markets, so if you do happen to visit them, the longer you have the better!

Christmas Shopping

I have to admit, I’m not the most productive when it comes to buying for other people at Christmas markets. I like to know all of my options and have a thorough look around before making a decision – just me? For this reason, I’m a definite online shopper. I do however, find the markets very useful for gift ideas, inspiration and most definitely.. shopping for the Christmas cheese board!

Which one are you? Are you an online shopper like me? Let me know in the comments..

Get your shopping on

I’m very curious to know where everyone is up to with their Christmas shopping and if you’ve managed to visit the Christmas markets yet. It genuinely puts me in the most festive mood! For day 7 and 8 of GRWM Xmas 2019, please let us know your Christmas shopping tips, where you go and your favourite markets to visit. Post your suggestions to social media and as always, please don’t forget to use the hashtag #GRWMXmas2019, then we can see every post and follow everyones Christmas shopping process together.

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Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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