I’m a sucker for a lovely hot drink when the cold weather kicks in, especially around Christmas time! Whether it’s because the house becomes filled with biscuits and cake and those obviously go hand-in-hand with a hot drink. Or perhaps it’s just another way to get cosy and warm. Either way, I love it.

Only at Christmas

I was having a think about what everyone would choose as their favourite Christmassy drink and it made me so festive. I feel like you can get away with adding all sorts of syrups, flavours and liqueurs to your hot drinks this time or year – and the pure excitement I get from trying the festive options at Costa or Starbucks, just sums up my love for a hot festive drink.

I’ve recently started to enjoy mulled wine, particularly that which I had at the Christmas Markets yesterday. I had no idea you could add different flavours haha! But for a cosy night in or on a really frosty day, nothing quite beats a full monty hot chocolate with all the toppings! For a REAL hot-choc recipe, try out a previous blog post of mine for a perfect Peppermint White Hot Chocolate – now that screams Christmas without a doubt!

To find out how I created a Vegan hot chocolate this year, head over to my Instagram tonight.

Your Favourite Hot Drink

If you had to pick just one hot drink that for you; either reflects Christmas time, or you just can’t wait to have each year, what would it be?

Please do get involved in the ‘Get Ready for Christmas With Me’ Day 6 of Blogmas by sharing your favourite hot drink to social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GRWMXmas2019 so we can all follow along and get in the Christmas spirit together.

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Thank you and Merry Christmas!

hot choc

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