Has anyone received their first Christmas card of the season yet? Or better yet, has anyone finished writing all their Christmas cards? I know there are some super organised and keen beans out there who will have definitely made a start, unfortunately this year that is not me.

Uni and assignment stress asside, because no one likes to hear about that at Christmas, it’s time to make a start on those cards and by start I mean, buy my Christmas cards! Having said that I’m very excited to have a look around the shops and find some pretty Christmas cards – is it just me, or does anyone else thoroughly enjoy looking at Christmas card designs?

Dust off the Christmas Address Book

Slightly misleading title as I do not own an address book and for the other 11 months of the year I don’t need one. But when it comes to Christmas time I’m either running around delivering cards, asking for addresses or being asked for mine. There is a lesson to be learnt here… maybe we should all just go back to the days of hand written address books, because who seriously puts addresses in the contacts of their phone? Comment below your thoughts on this situation, because I’m genuinly intreged if anyone does.

So, todays mission… find the most beautiful Christmas cards I ever did see. Head over to my Instagram tonight to see what I ended up with and if they really are the prettiest. Who knows, I may have left it too late and end up choosing between the remaining dregs that no one else wanted!

Write Till Your Fingers Bleed

When it comes to writing Christmas cards, I feel like there are two very different people. There are those who choose what to say and then repeat it throughout every card (no shame intended!), then there are those who write what seem like essays in each and every card. I agree that a personal touch is really lovely to receive and it’s always nice to read a different message to those you have read in the last five cards you opened. But, HOW DO YOU DO IT!? You really must be writing until your fingers bleed.

Which one are you? Let me know in the comments

Let’s make an event of the card writing process by sharing your beautiful Christmas cards and card writing set-up to social media using the hashtag #GRWMXmas2019 – and let’s all follow along with the Christmas preparations!

Get ready with me this Christmas by getting involved in the GRWM Xmas 2019 series. FOLLOW the blog to receive your very own digital advent notification and follow #GRWMXmas2019 on social media to share the Christmas countdown 🙂

With a new theme/activity EVERYDAY! Read more about my Blogmas 2019 Twist.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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