What is Christmas without a Tree?

There really is nothing more Christmassy than driving past houses with beautifully lit trees in the windows.

For me, putting up the Christmas Tree marks the first day of Christmas. So what better time than the 1st of December. I like to make Christmas last as long as possible and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been listening to Christmas music since November. Once the pumpkins are away and the last firework has gone off, it is Christmas from then on in my mind! – just me?

Blogmas Day 1

So let’s share our tree’s over social media for everyone to enjoy and head over to my Instagram tonight for mine! I can’t wait to see yours too – don’t forget to use the hashtag #GRWMXmas2019

I’ll be looking over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook later on, so please do get involved and spread the Christmas joy with me 🙂

Get ready with me this Christmas by getting involved in the GRWM Xmas 2019 series. FOLLOW the blog to receive your very own digital advent notification and follow #GRWMXmas2019 on social media to share all our Christmas preparations 🙂

Read more about my Blogmas 2019 Twist here.

Merry Christmas Everyone! and Happy December 1st


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