Social Free Sundays | Part 1

Recently, I’ve found myself reaching for my phone more and more during the day, ultimately to just scroll through social media. To the extent that I felt it really starting to take a tole on my productivity, focus and concentration levels. I know that many people find social media to be negative for their mental health, particularly in regards to comparing your life to other ‘Instagram worthy’ lives that you see online. I can fully relate to this, but I also think it has the potential to effect you in positive ways too. As I try to only follow uplifting and positive accounts, I find it can motivate and inspire me extremely well.

Despite the positive effects that I get from social media, I believe we all need some time away once in a while. More so for headspace to just be alone with your own thoughts and to get away from the constant interruption of external things going on, unrelated to your life. I started to feel like the amount of varied content I was consuming wasn’t having the same benefit anymore and instead, I was just overloading my brain with unnecessary noise. I genuinely think that combining this with having a screen so close to my face 24/7, it could have even been contributing to my migraines. Since a lot of my life involved the use of social media; my job, my blog and soon my marketing degree. It can be difficult to get time away from it and even when I’m scrolling through leisurely it can often feel like I’m working.

Another point I’ve been mulling over recently is holidays and my inability to shut off and relax. It takes me a good few days before I feel myself starting to relax on holidays, however when it came to the cruise, I felt an instant ability to relax. Now I’m not stupid, OF COURSE it’s easy to relax when you’re cruising around the Caribbean with a cocktail in one hand (always a mudslide) and a good book in the other. But I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some extremely lovely holidays over the years and when it comes to relaxing, nothing else seems to match the cruise, even skiing – and I LOVED my ski holiday. I came to the conclusion that being out at sea, the inability to see any land AND being unable to connect with the outside world through social media or otherwise, meant that I physically couldn’t worry about work, what I needed to do when I got home, or any of the stresses that come with it. Unfortunately, I can’t hop on a cruise every week to recharge (let’s be realistic), but I can recreate the feeling of shutting off from social media for at least one day and most importantly, be completely present in my life.

It was for these reasons that I decided to start ‘Social Free Sundays’. I’m sure many of you can relate – we all need time to refresh and recharge and getting off social media is just one way that can dramatically help!

So, what are Social Free Sundays? 

It’s rather self-explanatory, but a social free Sunday, whether you do it routinely or just as a one off, is a full day without using social media! Now I know there are many people out there who barely touch social media and I’m not saying I envy those people, because I really do love social media and all the benefits that it can bring. However, I know there are many more people who, like me, don’t go a day without checking their news feed or notifications – so this is for you.

I thought I’d start off with just every other Sunday for now, however this may be extended to every week, depending how it goes. Using the screen time settings on my phone, I will be limiting my access to social media apps for the duration of the day. I actually wish it completely stopped me from accessing them, but unfortunately you can still override the system to get online – so it still takes a little willpower, haha!

This is something that I’m trying out for my own benefit, but I wanted to share it online to give some explanation of why I won’t be responding to comments and messages on my blog channel during my social free Sundays. I also wanted to put it out there as a low-key challenge that you may also enjoy taking part in as well, so if this sounds like something you’d like to try, then let me know in the comments below and we can keep each other accountable!

 My First Attempt

I actually tried it out last sunday (8th October) and I’ll be writing a review of how it went very soon – so keep a look out on my blog and Instagram @getittogether_blogs for updates. Don’t forget to subscribe to be notified when I post and if you liked this post, think it’s a good idea or are thinking of getting involved yourself… then please give it a like and feel free to leave a comment – I love reading and responding to them all.

Thanks again for your continued support – I really appreciate it!


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