Guest Post | 4 ways to start your day & increase productivity

The way you start your day is the first and most important factor which decides how your day is going to be. Whether it’s going to be a productive day or whether you’re just going to procrastinate everything for Netflix & chill (or whatever).

And we all want to make our days more productive and keep improving ourselves, right? So we’ll watch a motivational video or read an article about how to increase our productivity to achieve our goals, but all of this goes in vain when you start your day badly.

Yes, the way you start your day is very very important & an essential part of the day. So how actually should you start your day to increase productivity? Don’t worry, we will go step by step to understand this.

Why The Way You Start Your Day Is Important

If you want to achieve something good at the end, you must start the best you can. If you chose to start slow & lazy, your end goal is going to get further away from you.

Let’s say that tomorrow morning you want to go for a run, but in the morning when you open your eyes you check your phone first. You browse through all the notifications, messages, updates, etc and spend 20-30 minutes on that. Will you still be able to go for a run? Most probably you are going to skip it. It’s very obvious, because the first decision you took after opening your eyes was to check your phone instead completing your goal to go for a run.

You get my point now? See how just a small act of checking your phone at the start of your day affected the predefined goals?

So how to start your day? What should you do and what should you not do?

How To Start Your Day

To achieve the goals you’ve set & increase productivity you need to start your day on a positive note ding an activity which is aligned to your purpose. Like, if you want to pass an exam then you must start your day with revising for that exam. Simple, right?

That’s all you need to do. First you need to be sure of what you really expect from your day & then act according to it.

Now, you might feel like you don’t want to be a machine, with every task & target fixed. You are a human & you want a joyful & content life. I do understand that. But you can’t ignore the things which you do at the beginning of your day, especially those which are affecting the rest of the day. So I’m going to write down few ways to start your day off right.

4 Ways To Start Your Day – Increase Productivity

1. Wake Up Early

The first thing we do in the morning is wake-up, but at what time you wake up & how many hours of sleep you have had are quite important factors which effect your day. First, let’s talk about why you need to wake up early. Imagine a morning where you’ve woke up early in the morning, maybe 6am – 7am, your day will naturally start on a positive and fresh note. Now imagine the exact opposite of the first scenario and you woke up after 10am. You will still feel like sleeping more and find it hard to get out of bed. This is why waking up early can help you increase productivity tremendously. Also, how long you sleep is also very important. There’s no such fixed number of hours of sleep one should have. It differs from person to person. So you need to find out how many hours of sleep is needed for your body and don’t go blind to follow someone else’s routine.

2. Your Mind 

Checking your phone and browsing through social media is often the first activity that people do as soon as they open their eyes. You might wonder what’s wrong with this, right? You might say, the whole world is on the internet right now & almost everything is dependent on it. I do agree on that, but have you thought about how checking your phone affects your mind. When you wake up & start to go through work emails, messages from friends and social media, your mind receives tons of information on all at once. This results in stress at the very beginning of your day. So you are worried about work, relationships, your social media profiles from the start of your day. To avoid this, you must perform an activity like meditation, walking among nature, running etc. to calm your mind. This will be the perfect way to start the day and keep yourself focused on your daily goals. 

3. Start A Day With Something Exciting

An exciting thing can be anything which excites you & makes you feel good about yourself. Something that you do because you love it, not because you’re supposed to do it. This thing can be going to the gym, doing yoga, dancing, running, meditating, cycling etc. And I’m pretty sure that everyone has that one thing which excites them & never makes them feel tired or bored? Why does this help? Because at the very beginning of your day, you are doing what you love, so you’re starting your day on a very happy & exciting note. Further, throughout your day this positive start will help you to keep going towards your goals.

4. Your Goals

How can you reach your goals if you don’t know them? If you are looking for ways to increase productivity and improve yourself, then first you need to ask yourself what you really want from yourself. What are your goals & how much effort do you need to put in. At the beginning of your day, after completing the above steps, ask yourself what you want from that day. Think about all the tasks you need to do, people you’ve got to meet and places you need to visit. Then plan how you are going to complete each task. Again, I know we are only human and not machines, so don’t put burden on yourself by setting deadlines on everything you do, but instead always perform your tasks while keeping the importance of time on your mind.

Final Words

The Beginning Is The Most Important Part Of The Work.

The way you begin your day ultimately decides how your day is going to end. Starting a day in ways which are aligned with your goals & targets will always help you increase productivity.

In this article, I’ve shared 4 Ways To Start Your Day and Increase Productivity amazingly. But it will only happen when you apply this and not just tag read or understand.

Hopefully this article will help you realise the importance of beginning your day with the right activities and mindset.

Thank you for reading!


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I also wrote a productivity post over on Accidental Bloggers site, check it out here

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