Hello 2019 – New Year Vibes

By now I’m sure that you’re all familiar with the recurring event of every year having it’s ups and it’s downs. That’s something which I doubt even the most fortunate amongst us can avoid. The truth is, nothing stays the same, everything changes; the weather, how you feel, your friends, your family, your world and everything within in it – ups and downs are an inevitable fact of life.

At the end of each year I find myself reflecting back on the past 12 months and I see so many people doing the same, posting pictures on facebook and giving us all a run down of how their year has gone. I hope that 2018 brought you many happy memories. I don’t doubt for a second that there were difficult times, days when you thought you couldn’t do it anymore and devastating events that have changed you but made you stronger. We all have memories that we only dream we could forget and others that we wish we could hold onto forever.

Life is full of ups and downs, I just hope that for you, your ups outweigh your downs. Finding that balance is tricky, but I believe when you do, you’re able to feel true calmness in your life.

Starting a new year can be rather daunting. With the need to make the next year even better than the last, it can often bring added pressure that honestly you, I and everyone else can do without. 2019 is a rather significant year for me – to say the least. Although I have some pretty exciting things to look forward to, I know that this year will be challenging. Finishing my degree this summer is an exciting yet terrifying thought, I think pretty much everyone who has already left the education system WILL relate to that. I’ve got to actually get my life together this year and although I’m all for ‘learning from your mistakes’, I’d rather not make any this year. I’m expected to know what I am going to do after university and know EXACTLY step-by-step how I’m going to do it. But it can never be that simple, can it? I feel like education has NEVER prepared me for this stage – I’m sure teachers will disagree!

Despite the increased stress that 2019 will bring, I made an agreement with myself at the end of 2018 – I guess you could call it a new year’s resolution. I told myself that I wouldn’t let the pressure and stress take over this year. This is something that I’ve been working on for many years and something I think will always be a work in progress throughout the rest of my life. Even without the contribution of all the added pressure put on me through various situations and people around me, I have the unfortunate ability of working myself up into a stressed out frenzy all by myself. I know that’s not just me and that many people can relate. Our minds are extremely powerful, it has the ability to destroy or make our life, so this year I intend to look after mine! I want this year to feel calm, I want to feel in control of my emotions and as a result of that, make good decisions and take the best route of action FOR ME!

Although we can’t always control how we feel or even control the things that are making us feel a certain way (oh wouldn’t that be a blessing?). We can control how we react to those situations and feelings. We all have the ability to decide how we want to feel, the difficult part, yet not impossible, is being intentional in planning the actions that we need to take in order to mould our own emotions.

Don’t let your surroundings, experiences and the people around you decide how you feel. Nobody has that power… but you!

I encourage you all to take the time to reflect on your past year. Appreciate the funny, wonderful and ‘perfect’ moments that you had and do not allow the dark and difficult experiences to cast a dark cloud over those beautiful memories that you made – we all have the right to be happy. Take comfort in the knowledge that those days are behind you and because of them, you are you and you are strong because you survived every single moment. All the battles you have been faced with, all the challenges you have been tested with – not one of them was strong enough to break you, never forget that. You are resilient and no matter what 2019 brings, you are ready for it! Right now, where you are in your life is exactly where you need to be. Everything that you have done or gone through in the past has brought you to this moment, even the most insignificant moments of your life have shaped your journey in their own little ways and brought you to the here and now. There is no where else in your life that you need to be than right here, so trust your journey and don’t compare yours to others. You see we’re all on our own complicated, difficult, wonderfully unique journeys.

…Trust yours!

I hope that you are proud of YOUR 2018, I hope you followed your dreams and made amazing memories to last forever. 2019 represents a fresh start for us all. Be kind to those around you and even kinder to yourself, I wish you all the best and hope that your ups always outweigh your downs.

Here’s to 2019, the year anything is possible!


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