Blogmas Day 18 | Charities to donate to this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, for many of us we’re stocking our kitchen cupboards with our favourite treats, wrapping up the presents under the tree, celebrating with friends and doing some last minute Christmas shopping. When there’s so much happiness and love around, it makes Christmas all the more special. It’s quite easy for us to forget about all the people who are alone this Christmas, or who won’t have a present to open on Christmas Day, or any friends and family around them, or even something so simple as a hot meal to enjoy! – all the things we take for granted.

I appreciate that Christmas can be a difficult time for many people and money is often tight after you’ve budgeted in all the presents and food etc. But if you can spare anything this Christmas, there are so many amazing charities and small communities of individuals who would appreciate your small donation or gift. No one deserves to spend Christmas alone and everyone deserves to have something to smile about at this time of year. Whether you put your small change away in a jar, buy an extra gift this year or pool together a small fundraiser with your friends. Lots of small meaningful gestures like that can go a very long way in making someone’s time at Christmas a little more enjoyable, less lonely or simply a little more bearable.

I have made a short list of Charities that work for different causes, if there’s one that means something to you which I haven’t mentioned then I hope you share it with me and everyone reading in the comments – please share the link or contact details to send us in the right direction if anyone wishes to donate or help out for that specific cause. I have added links where possible to each one to make it a little easier for you to get in touch.

Just remember, a little CAN go a long way and no donation is too small! Whatever you can spare will be worth it ♥️

1. Crisis – homeless charity

Crisis is a homeless charity based in London founded in 1967. They are the national charity for homeless people, helping people out of homelessness and campaigning for the changes needed to solve it altogether! Every year they run the ‘Crisis at Christmas’ event which welcomes in for FREE anyone over the age of 18 who are experiencing homelessness. They offer everyone who comes through their door 3 nutritious and hot meals daily, including Christmas dinner, a bed for the night, a chance to shower and given clean clothes, a health check and treatment from a doctor, optician and dentist, plus expert help with mental health and addiction problems, and advice on housing, employment and benefits. This charity provides many people with a way out of homelessness, for good, with Crisis’ year-round training, education and support – an opportunity that they likely wouldn’t be given without the help of Crisis.

If you’d like to get involved or donate then here are all the links you’ll need!

  • Donate or reserve a place at the ‘Crisis at Christmas’ table from just £28.18

2.Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish foundation was formed in 1986 to grant life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses in the UK. Their volunteers are still to this day at the heart of this amazing organisation and they have been able to grant more than 12,000 life-changing wishes to date. You can give one off donations or sign up to give monthly donations.

Here are the links you’ll need:

3.Angel tree

Around 200,000 children are affected by parental imprisonment in England and Wales every year! As part of Prison Fellowship, angel tree was set up to give prisoners the opportunity to send a Christmas present to their children and in 2017 they managed to send over 4,500 presents! They work with prison chaplains and local churches to buy, wrap and deliver the presents.

“Christmas is especially difficult for prisoners and their children. Angel Tree lessens the devastation experienced as a result of parental absence by not only helping families connect and build relationships, but by providing children with much-needed joy.” – Prison Fellowship

If you wish to get involved here are the links:

4.Action Aid

ActionAid is an international charity which was set up to help women and girls in poverty. With the work of their dedicated staff, they are ending violence against women and girls and helping to change lives!

“We won’t stop until women and girls are out of danger, out of poverty and on track to create the future they want.” – ActionAid

To help, here are the links:

5.The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian church and registered charity who demonstrate Christian principles offering support, unconditional friendship and practical help to people of all ages, backgrounds and needs.

“We believe that people consist of body, mind and soul, which means that they have both social, physical and spiritual needs. Our services are offered unconditionally to people of all faiths and none.” – The Salvation Army.

Each year they run a Christmas appeal where you can donate a set amount to provide a package of gifts and food to a family in need, plus advice and support to those in their care.


Samaritans are a FREE service for people to reach out to if they feel like they need support, guidance or just someone to offload to. On average they receive 10 calls a minute and 1 in 3 calls on Christmas Day are from people who feel lonely and isolated. They are continually carrying out research to educate and improve their service and are currently researching into the impact of loneliness and isolation on young people.

Sometimes all someone needs is a person at the end of the phone listening to them in order to change their train of thought for a split second. One conversation can be the difference between someone struggling to cope and someone who fights their way through.

“Give the gift of listening this Christmas and help save a life”

Links to get involved and support the Samaritans:

  • Volunteer (become a listener or support in other ways)

7. Get in touch with your local homeless shelter, old people’s home, children’s home or even a local animal rescue centre and ask what you can do to help this Christmas.

If you’d rather keep it a little more closer to home, which ever cause resonates with you the most, I’m sure there will be a local charity near you which focusses on your chosen cause and who would LOVE to receive a Christmas donation this year. Google is a wonderful thing and you can find a charity and learn how to donate in seconds. Leaving a monetary donation is amazing and I’m sure would be appreciated by anyone but If you have a little more time, I suggest to make the most difference in these smaller charities the best thing you can do is ask them what they need. Maybe they’re really short on food for the animal shelter, or maybe the children’s home has got plenty stocked up for Christmas dinner but what they really lacking is a special gift donation that can be opened on Christmas Day! Find out what it is they really need and then you’ll know that whatever it is your offering is definitely making a difference – and that is all down to your help!

8. Liverpool Charity Drive

On the weekend of Liverpool International Horse Show, Sunday 30th December, Myself and friends will be distributing food, clothing and other essentials to the homeless in Liverpool.

We are looking for donations of warm clothing, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, waterproof coats, sleeping bags or blankets etc. Also essentials such as toiletries, toothpaste, toothbrushes and especially sanitary products for the women will be greatly appreciated.

If you live in and around the area and would like to get involved or can help in any way at all, then please contact Jasmine on 07703655574. Thank you!

Again, I appreciate that I have only spoke about a few charities, so if there is a one that I have not mentioned that you wish to. Then please leave a link in the comments below as it may resonate with someone reading and result in a donation being made…

Whatever you are doing this Christmas, I hope you get to spend it with people you love and enjoy everything that you have at this very special time ♥️

Merry Christmas! 🎄

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