17 days until Christmas Day and counting……. With the christmas preparations fast approaching, decorations are up and I’m sure most of you are well on your way with your Christmas shopping. With daily life and work/study commitments, I know that Christmas can sometimes creep up on you and personally I’d hate to ever miss out on the exciting countdown. Despite the usual busy hustle and bustle of life, it’s still very important to make time for those things that you enjoy. I mean.. if you can’t do that at Christmas, when can you?

On December 1st when we begin to open our advent calendars, it’s a pity we can’t just instantly drop all our stress, worries and commitments and fully embrace the festivities! In a perfect world, we would all be merry little elves this time of year, baking cookies and wrapping presents 😂

Nevertheless, as I’ve said before, Christmas comes and goes so quickly and I for one don’t want to miss it. I feel like this never happened when I was a child, every year it felt like a grand countdown until the big day and those last few days after school had shut seemed to go sooooo slow, not to mention the extra long day and night of Christmas Eve waiting for all the magic to begin. I think as I’ve got older and I’m sure many of you can relate, time goes so much quicker. The years go so much faster and we just get wrapped up in it all and eventually we’re moving just as quick ourselves – without giving ourselves the chance to stop and look around. That was something I never understood as a child, my Grandma used to tell me that the years go quicker when you’re older – but all I could think was ‘does time actually go faster when you’re older’ 🤔 ‘how can that be?, time stays the same it can’t change speed for different people’. Now I understand what my Grandma meant!

I think it is so important and so special to allow yourself the time to spend doing something you love around Christmas. Whether that be going to visit family, seeing friends or having a chilled day to enjoy the elements of Christmas that would usually seem like stressful activities; allocate a few hours to sit down and wrap presents with your favourite Christmas film and snacks, go Christmas shopping for the day and TAKE YOUR TIME, go for a coffee, have lunch, see all the lights and admire that time you’ve given yourself. Don’t feel guilty for pausing your busy schedule to make time for yourself – make the most of Christmas with all it’s festivity and magic.

Tomorrow I am venturing out for one of our Christmas trips out. We’re back to the Dickensian Festival, an event I was taken to year after year as a child, and a place I rediscovered last year (I even made a post about it in last years blogmas). I’m so excited to go back tomorrow – it’s the PERFECT place to get me in the Christmas mood and prepare me for the Christmas shenanigans ahead.

Let me know in the comments if you allocate a day or few for yourself, friends, family to really enjoy this time of year. To me, allowing that time to go on a trip or do that Christmas activity often feels like I’m officially announcing to myself that CHRISTMAS STARTS TODAY!! And once I’ve done that I go ALL IN 🙈 The mince pies are of an endless supply, the presents are wrapped and under the tree, I’ll play nothing but Christmas music and the cheese board starts to really take shape (I’m very excited for the cheese board). Let me know what you do/plan to do to feel really Christmassy – I cant wait to read yours! ❤️

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