Blogmas Day 5 | Gift Guide

Coming up with new presents every year can start to become a little challenging over time. I hope this gift guide gives you a few pointers and ideas to work with.. happy shopping!

Create a theme

Maybe you have a friend who it OBSESSED with something very specific or someone in your life deserves a chill and a pamper. Themed gift baskets are perfect to show you care. Put together a collection of things you know they love and putting it in a fancy basket will make it look like you tried so hard! Here’s some gift basket inspiration..

Gift basket ideas:

  • Pamper hamper – bath bomb, bubble bath, face mask, exfoliator, scented candle, body lotion
  • Hot drinks lover – range of hot-chocolates sachets, flavoured syrups, whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and large mug.
  • Film night – google play gift voucher, microwave popcorn, cinema style popcorn boxes, pick and mix in a jar.
  • Garden gnome – gardening book, seeds, gardening gloves, potted plant labels, hand trowel and fork.
  • Cocktail bar – cocktail recipe book, cocktail shaker, collection of small spirit bottles, mixers, straws, tiny umbrellas and two fancy glasses
  • The baker – recipe book, the exact measured ingredients for a Christmas sugar cookie recipe out of the book, cookie cutters, icing pens and sprinkles.
  • Ice cream Sundae – ice cream tubs and spoons, sauces, ice cream scoop, sweets, sprinkles and flakes

Memories to last forever

Know someone who takes loads of pictures? Maybe they’ve taken loads of photos over the summer, already have a back log of them on their phone, or have hundreds of old pictures hidden away in the cupboard… let those memories live on this Christmas and treat a close friend or family by framing one of their favourite pictures, or compose a collage of their summer adventures ready to be proudly put on show.

My go-to place for ordering printed pictures is Photobox.

Make it a little personal

The number of gifts or everyday items you can get personalised now a days is amazing. Growing up with a name that is NEVER on those pens and key rings from holiday gift shops, in my opinion, if it can be personalised THEN DO IT 🙈 especially if it’s something they use everyday, it makes the gift that little bit more special and you know they’ll definitely get their use out of it!

Show you care

We all know a handmade gift shows that you really did try! And you care more than anyone 😂 don’t worry I’m not suggesting you knit a jumper – that would go wrong in so many ways if it tried! But Pinterest is filled with easy, cute and perfect DIY gifts. Personally I love a simple recipe in a jar, hot chocolate recipe in a bauble, homemade fancy chocolates or delicious cookies and cakes.

Stay tuned into my blogmas for DIY hand warmers coming soon, they’d make perfect winter gifts if you can make them well – wish me luck 🍀

Experience it this Christmas

As wonderful as it is opening up an expensive and stunning gift on Christmas Day, I think sometimes it’s nice to treat that special someone with something a little more than a present to unwrap. If you’re going to splash the cash anyway… then why not enjoy it for longer and plan a trip away, night out or a fun activity that you can do together and give them something to look forward to. Groupon have some great deals online, especially around Christmas time. Perfect for that person who has everything!

Something old

We all know something that makes old memories come rushing back to us, whether that be a physical item, a smell or even a taste. Perfect for someone you’ve known a while, but you’ll have to really know them for this one… Finding something that they had when they were younger and gifting it at Christmas will bring back so many warm memories. Maybe you’ve seen a duplicate of their favourite childhood teddy bear in the shops, an old board game, classic sweet or treat that they loved when they were younger, or if you’re lucky enough to find an old scent (candle or perfume) that matched perfectly to an old childhood smell, opening this on Christmas Day couldn’t be anymore special.

Something new

For the adventurous one in your life. Treat them with trying something NEW. Book them onto a ski lesson, a dance class or rock climbing adventure day. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something they haven’t tried before – hopefully they’ll see the fun side to it 🙈

Keep it in season

Long gone are the days of the classic hat, scarf, gloves and socks presents 😂

Who would have known we’d now be purchasing heated gloves and neck hot water bottles. Staying warm and cosy in 2018 is not only stylish but it comes with remote controls and a 50 step manual guide 😂 kidding. If you LOVE to stay warm and cosy like me then this present will definitely be worth it!

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas for gift inspiration, let me know your favourites in the comments and if you have any more suggestions I’d love to hear them! How are you all finding blogmas? I do hope you’re enjoying following along with these blogmas posts just as much as I’m enjoying writing them ❤️

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