Today’s blogmas is dedicated to all things Christmas and cosy. Here are my very varied range of winter favourites! I’ll include as many links to the products as I can.




1. Knitted throw and matching cushions – Amazon

I am OBSESSED with these throws and cushion covers from Amazon! I discovered them when I put together my autumn bedding and I was soooooo impressed with the quality. I went for the burnt orange colour, two cushions for £7 and a large throw for £15. The best part is, they actually look better in person than on the picture 🙈 knitted on one side and velvet on the other which makes the throw extra thick and cosy. I was that impressed by it that I had to buy the grey versions for my Christmas bedding!

2. Autumn checked bedding – The Range

I was on the look out for some orange theme Autumn bedding a couple of months ago but being a student it’s now become ingrained into me to.. FIND THE BARGAINS 😂🙈 I found my gorgeous autumn bedding set for £9.59 at The Range so I could not complain at that! And it went perfectly with my Amazon throw and cushions ❤️🍁

3. Christmas bedding – Amazon

I LOVE my Christmas bedding! Super cosy and festive. I decided I wanted to go quite traditional with the colours but it also had to match my grey throw and cushions. I found this lovely patchwork style bedding with a reversible red checked side for £17.99 at Amazon, so now I’m all set for the festive season 🎄

4. Scented candle advent calendar – Wilko

I love scented candles any time of the year, however as the nights get colder I think it makes home so much more cosier when a candle is burning beside you – especially a scented one! I decided to treat myself this Christmas to a scented tea light advent calendar from Wilko. Now I’ve got a scented tea light to burn every night. They go along very nicely with a festive snack and blogmas writing 🙊

5. Fairy lights

Last year I got my Christmas lights from The Range so I’ve not had to get any new ones this year. However, I just love the idea of covering everything in pretty fairy lights this time of year. I mean if I had it my way, I’d have lights up all year round, but I think it’s also very nice to keep them special just for Christmas! Let me know your opinions of fairy lights in the comments section 😘

Food – probably my favourite category!



6. Biscoff spread and biscuits

I can’t believe I’ve only just discover Biscoff Spread! I think the obsession of Biscoff first arose from the delicious Krispy Kreme Biscoff donuts. I decided to create a tasty recipe incorporating the biscoff flavour and then I fell in love with the biscoff spread ❤️ if you’d like to have my new biscoff treat recipe then keep an eye out on my blog as it’s coming up soon in blogmas. You can also check out my Instagram where I will be announcing as each blogmas post goes live!

7. Baking

Now I don’t think this one even needs much of an explanation. Winter time is all about stocking up on baked goodies in my opinion. Whether that be fresh cookies, loaf cakes or muffins, it’s so nice to have something freshly baked to reach for in the evenings – amongst the fruit and healthy snacks of course 😂 everything in moderation and all that 🙄

8. Peppermint hot choc

Since I’ve been baking a lot recently and dealing with melted white chocolate (practicing for a blogmas recipe coming up soon), I regularly have melted white chocolate to spare. I’ve found myself recreating the tasty peppermint white hot chocolate recipe that I posted last blogmas! It’s warm, festive and so delicious – what’s not to like?

9. Mince pies

MINCE PIES, MINCE PIES, MINCE PIES! I started stocking up on them since November. I mean as soon as the shops start stocking them it’s basically Christmas, right? 🙈 I used to make mince pies every year when I was little and I’d love to have a go again soon, so hopefully I can find the time this Christmas to give it a try 🤞




10. Winter boots, hats, scarves and layers

When the days start to get colder I pretty much pack up all my other shoes and just live in boots. Why be chilly when you can be toasty warm all the time! 👌 I can’t wait to get my black heeled Chelsea boots for Christmas, my boots collection is a little sparse at the moment and considering all my other foot ware has gone into hibernation, I could do with adding another pair to my collection. As well as living in winter boots, this time of year I hate leaving the flat without a hat and scarf 🙈 it’s like I’m still in bed with a cosy scarf around my neck! And to top off my winter clothing I’m a strong believer in LAYERS. In a morning it’s not a case of will that outfit match, but rather a task of how many layers can I fit on today. What can I say – I just love to be warm and cosy! In autumn and winter I love to go for any sort of clothing that is mustard or orange in colour but as soon as Christmas hits, the red’s and forest green’s come out.

11. Onesies

Here’s another cosy one for you – what a surprise. I love my onesies so much I think they’re the best lounge wear to have ever been invented, who agrees? I’m like a child with a blanket when it comes to onesies, I hate having to put them in the wash unless I’ve got another to jump straight in to 😂🙈 they’re just super cosy and the perfect outfit for any night in watching films.




12. Netflix Christmas films and box sets

As of November I was scouring Netflix for new Christmas films as I’d pretty much watched all the ones from last year. I think it’s so nice to have a cute Christmas film or box set to get stuck into on bad weather days. I’ve just got to be strict with myself though to stop myself from watching Christmas films all day in my pjs and getting nothing else done 🙈 – as productive as it is watching films and getting in the festive mood, it somehow doesn’t get my uni work or blog work done. I wish I was one of those people who could work while having the tv or music on in the background… I’d get so many more Christmas films watched 😂… priorities!

I really do love this time of year ❤️ I hope you enjoyed day 4 of blogmas, if you did please don’t forget to follow my blog – it supports me so much and you’ll be notified next time I post, so you’ll never miss a blogmas post again 🙌🎄

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