Blogmas Day 3 | Christmas Preparations

While the Christmas countdown has well and truly began, it’s time to start planning your events, trips out, shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning and as I’m sure many of you have already started… decorating your entire home! Today I wanted to share with you the Christmas ‘Sleigh’ it planner inserts which kicked off my new stationery launch. The ‘Sleigh’ it planner has everything you need to get organised and ‘slay’ this Christmas, combined with pretty snowflake illustrations on a blue, gold and grey colour scheme. All inserts printed on 100gms A5 paper, pre hole punched to fit an A6 Filofax or other 6 ring binder.

So here’s the new Get-it-Together Blogs Christmas ‘Sleigh’ it Planner from cover to cover…

Budget plan and tracker:

This insert is here to keep all your finances in check this Christmas. After you’ve bought all the presents, the cards, the decorations, the wrapping paper, the food and that’s before you’ve even considered all those Christmas party expenses, it’s not surprising why we happen to over spend around this time of year. So hopefully with a little extra planning in place you can set yourself a budget this year and actually stick to it. The budget plan and tracker allows you to write down all the expenses you could possibly have this month and keep them stored all in one place, you are then asked to give each expense a budget and after each item/expense is crossed off your list you can compare your budget against what you actually spent, did you over do it or did you manage to stay inside your budget… it’s a tricky task that I’m always trying to improve on!

To-do lists:

I decided to include 2 copies of the to-do list inserts as I’m sure you will agree there is A LOT to get down on the run up to Christmas. This insert doesn’t need much explanation, it’s rather a simple one. Get your tasks and to-do’s out of your head and onto paper, set yourself a due date for each task and start to feel like you’re truly ‘sleighing’ Christmas as you tick off each one ✔️

Christmas Cards Log:

Again I have included 2 copies of this insert just incase you wanted to send a card to every relative’s neighbour and their dog 🙈 This insert allows you to make a list of absolutely everyone you want to send a Christmas card to, you can then keep track and tick off each time you’ve written, addressed, stamped and sent each card. Who likes to be that organised?

Present ideas:

I think this is something that a lot of people struggle with each year, deciding what to get everyone! You will get 2 copies of the present ideas insert to hopefully cover all the people you want to buy for. You can jot down everyone’s name, list presents you are planning to get them, note where you can get it, record the price (to help keep you within your budget) and tick off when it’s bought! What more could you need when you’ve got a long list of friends and family to buy presents for – other than a never ending bank account 😂

Stocking filler ideas:

Just like the present ideas insert, the stocking fillers page allows you to keep track of who you’re buying for, what you’re getting them, where it’s from, how much it costs and then tick it off when it’s bought. Everything you need for your Christmas present shopping all in one pretty snowflake place.

Present log:

The present log was designed to keep it simple and to stay on top of your present buying. This insert will hold all the names of who you’re buying for and as your shopping increases and your wrapping pile builds, you can tick off each time you’ve finished the present buying and wrapping for each person in your life. No more last minute wrapping in the back room while the family arrive because you’ve found a present you forgot you had bought 😬 just me?

Shopping list:

I feel like this one will be the most used, worn out and weathered page as it will be taken on many shopping trips with you – so you’ve got 2 copies in this planner! This list is dedicated to all your present buying, decorations, wrapping paper and little treats for yourself. We all know shopping trips are more successful when you have a list and plan. So jot down everything you need, where you can get it from and then tick it off when it’s bought. Now you can let everyone know that if it’s not on the list – it’s not going in the basket.

Orders tracker:

Now if you’re anything like me, you life for online shopping on the run up to Christmas. I love going for a mooch round the shops and do some Christmas shopping with a few coffee breaks in between. However, I find that online shopping is so much more successful for me, I’m less likely to buy something I don’t need and I can see how much I’m spending in total before I’m at the checkout 🙈 so for those mass online shoppers out there, you’ll have 2 copies to work with. Now you can keep track of what you’ve ordered, where it’s from, when you ordered it, when it’s due and when it’s arrived, you’ll NEVER lose something in the post and forget about it again!

Christmas list:

Depending how many people in your life need to write lists for Santa, you’ll have 2 copies of the My Christmas List insert. Me, I’ll be using one for myself to write my own list to Santa 🎅🏻❤️

Christmas Bucket List:

Now here is the fun one! You can jot down EVERY festive activity you can think of and come back to your list each time you get a few couple of hours, afternoon or even an entire day. Christmas will never be the same again. Check out My TOP 24 Bucket List Ideas for inspiration!

Festive recipes:

I think this one is my favourite! I LOVE baking this time of year and I’ve recently been trying to expand on my baking skills. What I hate however, is I find a recipe that I like and I NEVER write it down, so I lose it somewhere online and can never find it again. Now I have no excuse. The recipe inserts allow you to write the recipe name, the preparation time, cooking time, number of servings and where you sourced the recipe from. Now all that’s left to do is jot down the ingredients and how to make it. There’s even room for some extra notes that you may learn as you try the recipe out for yourself, sometimes even the most simplest recipes can feel like a scientific experiment 😂 so jotting helpful notes down will make sure you don’t make the same mistakes twice when you come to repeat a recipe. I can finally say goodbye to losing my favourite recipes! And the ‘Sleigh’ it planner gives you 6 copies of this insert.

Food shopping list:

I decided to make this insert because I thought that the food shopping required it’s very own list outside of the general shopping lists. This insert is set out very similar to the general shopping list however it is solely dedicated to FOOD – one of my most favourite things about Christmas!

Guest list:

For all you hostesses out there, the 4 guest lists you get inside this planner will make your event planning LESS stressful – I can’t guarantee no stress! You can title each one with your desired event, the date and all the people you wish to attend. You can now keep track of who’s bringing plus 1’s, who you’ve invited and who’s RSVP’d. Each insert also allows for extra notes at the bottom such as if anyone has any dietary requirements or for anyone who may be running late and don’t want to miss out on the glorious food you’ve made.

General dinner party menu:

To accompany your guest list insert you can now design your dinner party in style with a pretty menu to present to your guests or simply use as a reference when it comes to cooking or buying in the each oven party food 🙈 – no one will judge you! You’ll get 2 copies of this insert to plan your starters, mains and desserts. There’s even room to plan some entertainment for your guests, they’ll still be talking about your dinner party next year.

Christmas Day menu:

Now I’m sure many of you follow the traditional Christmas dinner, however I know for my Christmas dinner some things required more planning than others, especially since I threw a spanner in the works and turned vegetarian 🙈 I think it’s so lovely to plan what you’ll be having for breakfast on Christmas morning, this year I’m thinking tasty croissants and other baked treats! So you’ve room to display a few option for breakfast and plenty of room to write in detail what will be consumed within your Christmas dinner, right down to the cranberry sauce!

Thank you tracker:

I decided to put this one at the end because I think it’s something that usually comes after all the cards and been read, the presents have been opened and the food has been ate. It’s at the end but it’s still so VERY important. You can now easily keep track of who you need to thank, when you’ve written it (if you’re being old fashioned and sending a letter – it’s always nice not receive a thank you note) and then tick off when you’ve thanked them. You can even make a note of what they gave you incase you want to make it extra personal and let them know how much you’re enjoying you’re gift! ❤️ remember kindness is free 😘

So that wraps up the Christmas 2018 ‘Sleigh’ it planner. If you’re a planner addict like myself and love the idea of staying organised, ticking off lists and having it all in one place then you can find this planner here.

I hope you enjoyed the run down of my 2018 Christmas planning and you’re all ready to slay Christmas this year 🙌 let me know in the comments how you like to prepare for Christmas – I love to hear your suggestions and don’t forget to follow if you want to keep up to date with this blogmas journey, I appreciate everyone who reads these posts and it really supports my blog so thank you!

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