Blogmas Day 1 | Top 24 Christmas Bucket List Ideas

It’s December 1st – I cant believe how quick it has come around.

It was only just a few weeks ago that I was wishing this day to come, now it is here I am now very aware of the amount of work I have set for myself with another year of blogmas 😬 I hope you’re as excited as I am. All of last years blogmas posts are still available so don’t forget to have a browse through again for some delicious recipes and fun DIY’s.

I wanted to begin blogmas with a complete ‘run up to Christmas’ worth of Bucket list ideas! Every one of these is bound to get you in the Christmas spirit and I personally can’t wait to start working my way through it this month. I believe Christmas comes and goes so quickly, we should really grab it with two hands while it’s here and fully embrace it! Christmas for me as a child was one of the most magical times of the year and I often worried that as I got older it wouldn’t feel the same. I’m determined to not let that happen and so I love to be intentional with setting myself festive tasks to feel all cosy and Christmassy inside again 💕 it really is the best time of the year!

Here are my Top 24 Christmas bucket list ideas – enjoy!

1. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies

2. Drive around with the windows down playing and singing Christmas songs as loud as you can – its always nice to spread the Christmas cheer!

3. Stay in and have a Christmas film marathon

4. Visit the Christmas Markets

5. Get matching PJ’s and bed socks for Christmas Eve

6. Go on a drive to admire all the Christmas lights and find the craziest house!

7. Construct and decorate a ginger bread house

8. Find a cute front door with the most beautiful wreath to have an Instagram worthy photo shoot – others may call this trespassing 🙈

9. Get lost in a Christmas story book

10. Try to complete a MASSIVE Christmas jigsaw puzzle

11. Make ULTIMATE hot chocolates with real chocolate and hot milk, then cover them in whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles

12. Dance around the house to Christmas songs

13. Play in the snow – I hope we get snow this Christmas 🤞

14. Hand deliver Christmas cards

15. Go ice skating

16. Watch a new Christmas film at the cinema

17. Have a rainy day inside making Christmas DIY’s

18. Wrap presents to your favourite Christmas film

19. Donate a toy or give to charity

20. Make a Christmas playlist

21. Watch a Christmas production at the theatre

22. Go to a Christmas party or host one yourself

23. Have a full day of baking right before Christmas and surprise your neighbours with Christmas cookies

24. Make a DIY Christmas gift

Even just writing this has got me so much more excited for Christmas! Hit the like button if you’re excited for Christmas and let me know in the comments how you like to spend the countdown to the big day… I can’t wait to add your bucket list ideas to mine 📝🎄

P.S. If you’re the Christmas planning type, then you can find a beautiful planner insert dedicated to Christmas Bucket Lists in my NEW Christmas ‘Sleigh’ it Planner from our Online Shop 🔖

If you want to keep following along on this Blogmas 2018 journey then don’t forget to follow my blog and take a look at my social media to get behind the schemes daily updates 😘

4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 1 | Top 24 Christmas Bucket List Ideas

  1. emilydrums22 says:

    Oooo love those ideas…a few of them are on my bucket list too…watch this space 😉 I love the one of finding somebody else’s wreath to photograph hahaha, I’m sure they’ll appreciate an instagram worthing photo right? Can’t wait to see how many you get ticked off of here! ❤ x


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