Don’t wait to be happy

Lots of people believe that when they get that perfect job, they’ll be happy. That they’ll be happy when they have the dream car, someone who loves them or the best clothes, make-up, shoes.

The truth is, you don’t need the fancy car, the perfect house, the new shoes to make you happy.

Only you can make yourself happy. It’s down to you…

So stop waiting for the holiday, the weekend, the time in your life when you’ve got it all together. Your happiness is down to you and you only. It can only be truly achieved when you STOP waiting for something other than yourself to make you happy. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life and be happy now. Don’t wait.

If you were healthy and then suddenly became sick and had your health taken away from you, how would you feel? If then after upset, pain, struggle…. You were given back your health, would you be happy? You’d be glad you were healthy again and happiness would follow. Because in reality, we already have everything we need to make us happy, maybe there’s a job you hate but it pays the bills, maybe you have a rickety old car that’s been battered and bruised, but it gets you from A to B. If you lost that car and was unable to get around for 12 months then you were offered to have that car back, you’d be happy to get it back. The car you once hated.

Stop and realise how blessed, loved and fortunate you are, life is NEVER perfect, so if you sit around waiting for it to be perfect first, you’ll miss out on every good, bad or amazing moment in your life.

“Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life” ~ Joyce Meyer

Happiness begins when you let go of what doesn’t matter and allow yourself to see what truly matters in your life, to enjoy life NOW and to be happy.

“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about” ~ Marilyn Monroe

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