Blogmas | Christmas Shopping Trip | Part 2

As promised, here’s a short list of what I bought in Liverpool (excluding Christmas presents), my thoughts and links to where you can find them. Products varying from food to clothing to beauty!



With it being winter I was looking for a specific colour scheme to add to my make-up collection. Despite being ginger myself, I was looking for a burnt orange shade in pretty much whatever I could find! Quite recently I realised I had lots of shimmery eyeshadow shades but lacked in Matt shades so whenever I wore eyeshadow it looked like I was going on a night out 🙈 I wanted a couple of Matt shades which I could use in a day time look and to give myself a change from all the shimmery looks. In Boots I found the makeup obsession eyeshadow range, here are the two shades I went for were Burnt 101 and Cinnamon 146.

I love how these two shades blend together and brighten up my eyes without going too over board for a day time look. They are very well pigmented and being quite warm and red toned, I ended up wearing these over the duration of Christmas with just a shimmery highlighter on my brow bone and a Matt highlighter on my inner eye.

I had heard of this specific lipstick brand before, so as soon as I entered Boots I made a beeline to the Bourjois collection. I’m not a massive fan of red lips on myself, however I ended up choosing the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick in no.6 Abrico Dabrail, a lovely bright red/orange shade. My reason for choosing this brand was for the long lasting effect it claimed to have (up to 24hrs)

…I can honestly say it’s amazing, working almost like a lip die but with a very easy application. The tip of the lipstick is perfectly shaped to give a precise lip and the high pigmented Matt red lasted all day, even through Christmas dinner!! I’m so happy with this lipstick and I’ll soon by branching out on more lip shades in the Bourjois range. I’m even looking at their nail varnishes now!

Nail varnish…
Keeping in the warm burnt orange colour scheme, I again went into Boots with a specific nail colour in mind. Eventually I came across the No.7 Gel Finish Nail Varnish in the colour Ginger. I absolutely love the colour, exactly what I was looking for to use throughout winter, especially over Christmas.

The only problem for me when it comes to nail varnish is it never lasts. Spending a lot of time outdoors and with the horses, the colour quickly starts to chip and this time was no different. As I said previously, I’m looking into the Bourjois collection as that may last longer! However, I’m yet to find the right shade so I may try a Bourjois top coat over my No.7 Ginger nail colour. Please let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Bourjois nail varnishes and how long they lasted you…?👇

Facial foaming wash…

If you’re one of those people who never struggle with breakouts, then this next one won’t apply to you.. and I’m also very jealous!

I’ve tried quite a few different face washes and ointments to try and control my spots in the past. Some have worked but the results never seem to last. Almost like my skin gets used to the treatment and fights back 😂 does anybody else have this problem?

I’ve found an ointment which so far is working to some degree, but I’m still getting breakouts at the most annoying times (e.g. Christmas). From Boots I picked up the Neutrogena visibly clear spot stress control daily foaming wash. It’s early days but I feel as though it clears up my breakouts quite quickly, but I’m yet to find out if it can control the breakout happening in the first place! It does however leave my face feeling clean, fresh and extremely soft.


I wasn’t planning on getting any clothes during this trip but I thought there was no harm in trying things on…. turns out there is!

Forever 21

If you’re not already sick of the burnt orange colour scheme, then here’s another for you!

I wore this on Christmas Day. Lovely material, loose fitting, cropped shirt


Is it even a shopping trip without going into Primark?

Unfortunately there aren’t any links for these products.

I found some forest green loose fitting pants with elastic ends and a draw string waist. I decided to venture past just wearing jeans and for just £7 I couldn’t complain. Also in Primark I picked up a pack of 2 beauty blenders for £1.50 which I thought was a bargain! Then a pack of 6 silver/rose gold choker necklaces for just £4.



We headed into Lindt for some Christmas present additions. Then we found some deals!

Amongst other purchases, we got ourselves 3 different excellence bars.

White Vanilla – Which is beautiful! You can never go wrong with some velvety smooth white vanilla chocolate.

Dark Raspberry – I’m not a massive fan of dark chocolate but Lindt is so smooth that I can make an exception. The rich raspberry flavour comes through beautifully with tiny flakes running right the way through.

Dark Orange – Much like the Raspberry one, the orange flavour runs through every bite, with each piece filled with flavourful orange flakes.

What is your favourite chocolate..?

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Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I will be back posting very soon in the new year 🎉💕

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