Blogmas Day 19 & 20 | Christmas shopping trip | Part 1

Part 1 of 2.

Planning a trip out before Christmas to get in some last minute shopping…

Who shops of groupon? I see lots of great deals on there and I came across a massively reduced hotel booking with Holiday Inn Express Knowsley.

I decided to turn this into a Christmas shopping trip and go to Liverpool ONE for the day. They have a lot on over Christmas so you just check it out! We stayed at Holiday Inn and just spent the evening in with a delicious takeaway and the most beautiful chocolate waffle desserts, while watching Netflix and a couple of my favourite YouTubers. Got to love a chilled night in watching YouTube.

In the morning we enjoyed a hot breakfast at the hotel before heading off to Liverpool ONE. I pre-booked parking a few weeks ago with Q-Park to avoid being stuck for parking on the day. When we got their I’m not sure pre-booking was really necessary, there were plenty of spaces to park and turns out it would have cost be £3.50 less if I just paid on the day. I was expecting it to be more busy with it being a week before Christmas, maybe we got their early enough to beat the rush, either way we weren’t stuck for parking!

We spent the morning shopping and the shops luckily weren’t too busy which was great. There were lots of great buskers and performances going on, Christmas music being played in every shop and there was even a pop-up bar in between a few shops. For lunch we decided to go to Wagamamas, which of course was the best idea! We were re-fuelled for even MORE shopping.. I had Vegan Yasai Steamed Gyoza to start and Vegetarian Yasai Katsu Curry for main. Both were delicious, the curry was a little spicy so it you don’t like spicy food then maybe that’s not the dish for you. I highly recommend the raw juices, I had the tropical one with mango, apple and orange.

The only problem we had was not knowing where anything was, we spent a lot of the afternoon walking up and down looking for Lindt, Primark and then Lush. You could tell that Christmas was just a week away with all the deals that were going on. We got a great deal on Lindt chocolate, my favourite! And Blacks we’re having a closing down sale so everything has to go.

The trip was very successful, I managed to finish my Christmas shopping and even though I bought a few things for myself which wasn’t planned, I think I was very good with keeping my spending down 🙈

If you’ve planned or had a shopping trip of your own please let me know in the comments below and if there’s any places you recommend! Happy shopping and spend wisely…. 🎄

Keep tuned for ‘Part 2’ of our Christmas shopping trip to see what I bought for myself. I’m not including presents, just incase I leak any surprises to family and friends by mistake 🎁 don’t forget to click the ‘follow’ button and you’ll be notified when the next post goes up.

Click here for Part 2 ➡️

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