Blogmas Day 17 | Decorating my flat on a student budget

Running up to Christmas I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest looking at beautiful Christmas trees and decorations which are perfectly matching and colour co-ordinated.

Trying to match that on a student income is near impossible, and living on the third floor flat, getting a real Christmas tree was out of the question unfortunately.

Through DIY’s and tactful decoration shopping, I’ve managed to get a Christmassy decorated look that I’m happy with and it feels so festive and cosy now! I just wanted to share where I got my new decorations from this year and how I’ve decorated my flat on a student/low budget. I didn’t buy everything in the pictures this year but I decided to aim for a red/white/silver/gold colour scheme so a few new additions were needed….

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What’s new this year…

I didn’t want to go all out with the glitter and crystals, but these massive crystal baubles caught my eye so I thought 2 wouldn’t be over doing it! and they matched my colour scheme perfectly…

I got this from the range, I couldn’t find the link for the exact one, but here it is in rose gold.


These were one of my favourites, I can’t find the link but I got them from The Range again. They came in a pack of four, rose gold colour, which wasn’t exactly part of my colour scheme but close enough and I love them. They have a beautiful touch of glitter on the edges, I think they’re very pretty without it being TOO MUCH glitter.

These pretty white ones were another of my favourite. Again they came from the range, click here for the link. Like the one above, they have a touch of glitter on but overall I thought they were really simple and delicate but very pretty still and went with my colour scheme really well.

This next one is more the traditional Christmas coloured bauble. Shiny red and gold with a little glitter for good measure! I couldn’t find the link but all the baubles I got were from The Range.

I also got a large bronze/gold bauble which luckily wasn’t as heavy as it looked so it didn’t take down my fake tree 🙈

Now for the cute stockings, they’re already up and filled ready for December 25th. I got these from The Range, I love the size, plenty of room to fill with presents! I think they fit right in hung up next to the tree.

My decorative DIY’s

The first DIY I tried was this cute little sock snowman! I love this little guy and it was so so easy to make. Click here for my quick, easy and cute snowman DIY.

This next DIY was so fun and perfect to put your own twist on. I wanted to keep mine in the colour scheme of my other decorations but it can be altered so easily to how you want them to look. Salt dough ornament DIY.

I love wreaths at Christmas time, but with living in a flat and having no outside front door I haven’t bought a real wreath. When I came across DIY wreaths on Pinterest I got inspired to create my own. Here’s my step-by-step guide, cheap, easy DIY Christmas wreath

What I already had…

I can’t wait to finally have a mantle piece to decorate, but until then, this will just have to do.

I decided to put tinsel over the large mirror in my front room along with the lantern lights which are up all year round, from Avon.

Then my favourite alternative to decorating a mantle piece…. ⬇️

I decorated the head board of my bed with fake foliage, pine cones and the odd gold and silver decoration.

And now for my favourite decorations of all time. I was given these from my parents one Christmas and I always thought they’d be too heavy to go on my tree but this year I realised I was wrong. I’ve put a few on the tree and a couple underneath it.


I hope you liked this post and was able to get something from it! Other than the fact I’m obsessed with The Range 😂

Please like and comment what you think. Merry Christmas 🎄

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