Blogmas Day 16 | Christmas Playlist

Today I planned to do a blogmas post called ‘My Top 10 Christmas songs’

Once I started to write a list of my top 10, I quickly realised that I have much more than 10 favourite Christmas songs and that this post would be a lot more difficult than I originally thought.

After I got past the 15th song on my list, still with many more to choose from, I admitted defeat!

In a previous post about ’10 things to do at Christmas’ I wrote about things you can do running up to Christmas to make it an extra special time. One being, a Christmas playlist to bring together all your favourite Christmas songs, ones that instantly make you feel warm and Christmassy inside when you hear them.

So today, instead of listing my Top 10 Christmas songs, I’ve put together a playlist on Spotify of all the songs I like to listen to around Christmas and made it available to you too!

Click here to see my playlist. If you haven’t already made yours, you can either use mine as inspiration or just steal my entire playlist and there you have it, your Christmas Playlist, ready and waiting…

I hope you like the songs I included… I mean who doesn’t like Christmas songs!!

If you did then please show your support by liking this post and comment your all time favourite Christmas song (if you can make your mind up)…

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