Blogmas Day 15 | 3 DIY Christmas Card Techniques

Who’s getting crafty this Christmas and going for the handmade cards?

I’m constantly being inspired through Pinterest with the simple yet beautiful handmade Christmas cards. I decided to give a few a try, with 3 basic techniques in mind.

For this DIY I bought my supplies from The Range, along with sharpies and fine liner pens.

  • Papermania A6 premium textured cardstock
  • Papermania Kraftstax brown paper pack
  • Card making 6 blank cards set

3 DIY Christmas Card Techniques

1. 3D effect

Having a 3D like effect adds dimension to any handmade card, no matter what quality the materials are. For this technique I chose to make a Pinterest inspired white Christmas tree on a brown card backing to help match my wrapping paper colour scheme (click here for ‘3 steps to beautiful wrapping’)

I cut a piece of brown kraftstax paper in half and this made the backing on my blank card. This was the general backing for every card I made. I thought it helped make the design stand out, look more clean and professional, as well as fitting into my wrapping paper colour scheme quite nicely.

For the 3D Christmas Tree design I used plain white A4 printer paper and cut out 3 squares, each being smaller than the previous one e.g. 3″x3″, 2.5″x2.5″ and 2″x2″. To make a layer of the tree, fold 1 square in half to make a rectangle shape then fold both top outer corners in to make a 3D looking triangle.

Repeat this for all 3 squared and glue them in place onto your card, smallest first with the next 2 slotting half way into the smaller one above it. Once secured into place, I drew, cut out and glued on a star to the top of the tree.

With sharpie paint pens and a black fine liner, I added bauble decorations and wrote the message ‘Merry & Bright’ underneath.

2. Draw and get creative

The next technique I tried out was to keep the backing simple as above, and allow the drawing to bring most of the detail to the design instead of the coloured cardstock. Again, I searched through Pinterest for inspiration and came across a couple of simple but pretty drawings which I tried to recreate in my designs. For this I just used a collection of fine liners and sharpie paint pens.

Inspired by:

Inspired by:

3. Layering

The final technique I used (my favourite) was layering cardstock. This was my favourite to do, I think it helped give the card some substance and it made the overall design bold and stand out.

Again I kept the colours within my chosen colour scheme, matching to the wrapping paper I’ve been using. I also liked how well the light and dark grey cardstock stood out on the brown backing. I think it’s quite aesthetically pleasing with a smartly finished look.

I’m very pleased with how these cards turned out and how adding some simple plain cardstock can so easily transform any simple design.

I hope you found this post useful and are feeling inspired now…. 💕

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