Blogmas Day 14 | 3 EASY steps to BEAUTIFUL wrapping

As Christmas gets closer, it’s time to begin the mound of wrapping that’s been building up all month!

This year I wanted to keep my wrapping paper quite simple. I have tried to stick with black, white, red, gold and plain brown wrapping paper.

What colours are you all going for with your wrapping paper this year?

Unless you’re a natural professional wrapper 😂 I’m sure you’ve experienced the troubles of trying to wrap those awkward shaped items that just don’t want to get in the paper neatly! Then when you finally get them wrapped, the last thing you want to do is start adding ribbons and glitter and sparkles……

Here are a few simple steps that you can take towards neater, prettier and easier wrapping.

1. Add simple detail

Adding a simple bow or pretty string to your present will make any bad wrapping job look 10 times better. Try to colour co-ordinate the string/ribbon to your wrapping paper and find one that will work for all of your presents. This year I used black and white striped ‘Stitch and Sew’ string from ‘The Range’ on black and white Christmas tree print paper from Tesco. This string is very versatile and easy to use as I also used it to attach tags and decoration. With it being black and white I was also able to use it with other wrapping paper colours, so there’s no need for 10 different ribbon colours. Remember, keep the added detail SIMPLE.

Supplementing your presents with string and added extras will make it look like you put so much more time and effort into the wrapping than you actually did! For a more personalised and crafty look, I added some homemade salt dough decorations and painted them in my chosen colour scheme. This was an enjoyable DIY to do and I explained the process in a very straightforward blogmas post ‘Salt Dough Decorations’.

2. Wrapping those awkward shaped presents…

Ever had to wrap those annoying cylinder shaped presents, or a collection of little presents that take hours to wrap individually? Instead of spending a fortune on loads of gift bags, I have a solution.

Cut the paper at the same size you would if you were wrapping it as normal. Then remove the present(s) and this is the clever part…

Fold in the left and right sides of the wrapping paper so that they meet halfway and join in the middle. Then sellotape these two together from top to bottom.

Fold the paper from the bottom approximately ¼ of the way up, as shown in the below picture. This will become the bottom of your package. Open this bottom flap and lay it flat, folding in the two edges and stick into place.

You now have a fully functioning gift bag to put your odd shaped presents in.

Make sure NOT to put anything too heavy in which may break the bag e.g. bottles.

Once everything is in, you can simply fold down the top and stick with sellotape. Or like me, you can tie it shut so that it can still function like a gift bag (and look pretty). For this you simply fold the top part down and using a hole punch make two holes in the top. You can now thread through your chosen string or ribbon and fasten it with a bow. I also added some plastic pearls onto the string to make it look extra fancy.

So now you have a neat and fuss free way to wrap those frustrating, odd shaped gifts.

3. Gift tags

When it comes to Christmas Day, what you don’t want to be doing is guessing who’s present is who’s. Watching in fear as they open it, hoping you gave them the right one!

A very easy yet costly solution is gift tags. Or you could always write names directly only the paper in large black permanent marker…..except we’re going for a classy and sophisticated wrapping look this year, so the permanent marker just won’t cut it!

While I was searching through the range for my card making supplies, I picked up some textured card stock, perfect for gift tags. The ‘Papermania’ card that I went for came in a massive range of colours, all in A6 size. This made a generous 6 gift tags per piece, so you could either colour code with your wrapping paper, or colour code to each person you have bought for.

These DIY gift cards are so simple, just cut to size and using a hole punch, leave one hole at the top of each tag. You could even cut off each corner to make it look more like a shop bought gift tag. Then depending on how crafty you want to get, you can either doodle a little Christmas drawing on one side, or try collaging scrap pieces of wrapping paper to the gift tag to make a perfect match.

Now all you need to do it add your Christmas message on the back and label WHO it is for!

No more second guessing!

Attaching a gift tag can be done in a few ways, I chose to thread the tag onto the string that I was wrapping around my present and secure it with a bow as normal. This way it’s not going to get torn off by mistake, like it might if I chose to sellotape it down.

I hope you found at least one of these tips useful, if you did then please give it a ‘like’ and let me know in the comments below ⬇️

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Merry Christmas and happy wrapping 🎁

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