Blogmas Day 12 | 10 things to do at Christmas


Decorations are up, the radio stations are now finally playing Christmas songs (unless you’re like me and you’ve been tuning into ‘Heart Xmas radio’ since mid November 😂) and it’s now sinking in that Christmas is just 12 days away.

We had our last day in Uni today, so it’s all systems go for Christmas now!

When is everyone finishing work/college/uni/school for Christmas?

Let me know in the comments below ⬇️

Other than the obvious activities at Christmas of writing your Christmas list, decorating your home, wrapping presents and sending out christmas cards. I’ve put together 10 things to do at Christmas which I hope will make your time at Christmas a little more magical and a little more Christmassy 🎄

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Here are 10 things to do at Christmas…..

1. Go for a drive to find the craziest house of Christmas lights

There’s always that one household that takes their Christmas lights and decorations to the ultimate next level. I challenge you to find the craziest one in your area and tag me in the picture on Instagram. If that crazy household is yours….. then I’d LOVE to see some pictures!!

2. Spend an entire day watching Christmas films

There’s just no better way to spend a day at Christmas than to spend it watching Christmas films. Do you agree? If you’ve got a spare day or even just a few hours, put on your favourite Christmas film and enjoy! For inspiration, take a look at my blogmas post ‘My Top 10 Christmas Films’

3. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies

For a fun activity to do with friends or family, follow a simple cookie recipe and get creative with some Christmas cookie decorating. Head over to my ‘Sugar Cookie Recipe’ for a step by step guide.

4. After the first snow fall, go for a walk around your area

If this doesn’t make you feel Christmassy then I don’t know what will. Don’t forget to wrap up warm and if you own a dog, you have to take them along too! That’s what we did and if there’s been enough snow, you could even make a snowman.

5. Go to the cinema or theatre and book to watch a new Christmas release

This is something we do every year. As soon as I see a new Christmas film released at the cinema I’m there. I love a good Christmas film and a trip to the cinema always goes down well. Pick out your favourite cinema treat and get comfy. Does anyone else like salted popcorn, or is it just me?

6. Go to the Christmas markets

Everything about the Christmas markets will put you in the Christmas spirit, you must take a trip to your nearest markets. This is the perfect place to smash through the majority of your Christmas shopping and you can enjoy countless Christmas themed street food. It’s a WIN WIN…!

7. Put together your own Christmas playlist

Christmas is not complete without a personalised Christmas playlist to listen to around Christmas time. Set aside 10-15 minutes and put together all the tunes that fill you with Christmas cheer! You will NOT regret it. Now you have a ‘go to’ playlist which you can play ON REPEAT and drive everybody crazy 😂

8. Start a massive jigsaw puzzle or your favourite board game

For this, I would definitely pick one that takes a while. Find somewhere you can set up the game where it can be left and not disturbed so you can come back to it throughout the Christmas break. If you have a jigsaw board then even better! You can move this as and when you need to so you’ll never ruin a half completed jigsaw puzzle again

9. Go ice skating

I am determined to fit this in at some point during the Christmas holidays. I’m useless at ice skating and I spend most of my time holding onto the edge, shuffling around the rink. However, if you’re good at ice skating, then I’m very jealous.

10. Plan your Christmas Eve activities (start a new tradition)

Christmas Eve is soooo exciting and it seems to go soooo slow, because you just want it to be Christmas Day! Who agrees?

Try and speed the evening up by planning some fun Christmassy activities.

This year I’ll be taking out some fresh Christmas pj’s putting on a Christmas film and enjoying a special cup of hot chocolate (see my ‘Peppermint White Hot Chocolate Recipe’ for Christmas in a cup) we may even sneak out a box of chocolates early….and of course, this will be after building our very own ginger bread house. Of course! How could we not?

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Merry Christmas 🎄💕

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