Blogmas Day 11 | Christmas Charity Drive

I’m going to make an assumption here, I’m guess that the majority of you reading this now are blessed to be spending Christmas with friends and family this year. Could you imagine waking up on Christmas morning alone. There are so many people without family around them who spend most of their days alone, Christmas is no different to them. Could you imagine?

“Since 2010 rough sleeping estimates show an increase of 134%” HOMELESS.ORG.UK

“4,134 people were counted by local authorities to be sleeping rough in England on any one night in autumn 2016, a 16% increase from 3,569 figure of 2015.” HOMELESS.ORG.UK

That’s 565 MORE people in England who will be waking up on Christmas morning, like every other morning, cold, hungry and alone.

“Britain’s Christmas weather 2017 is set to be the hardest for years…with temperatures dipping as low as -8C” DAILY EXPRESS

With no where to go, no money to buy warm clothing or even just a warm drink and shelters becoming more and more over crowded, people sleeping rough are at a greater risk this year.

We’re asking for your help……

Myself and friends will be putting together winter packs to be handed out to the homeless in Manchester on the 23rd December. We are hoping to supply these people with warm clothing, blankets, food, hot drinks etc. and try our best to make their Christmas feel a little less lonely this year.

To make this possible, we are kindly asking for donations of bags, rucksacks, warm clothing, jackets, hats, scarves, gloves or just ANYTHING that you can spare!!

A brilliant café near us called ‘The Atrium Café’ at Ryder’s Farm will also be opening their doors on Christmas Day to make sure no-one has to spend Christmas alone. For this we are asking for any kind donations of gift sets/unused presents etc.

If you’re going through your cupboards, wardrobes and clearing out any old or unwanted items, please consider that they may be of use to someone else. Instead of throwing them out, by donating them to our Christmas Charity drive, you will be helping someone in need this Christmas, as well as giving them something to open on Christmas Day! Something they need, something as simple as a dry pair of socks. The kind of things we take for granted everyday.

We will be extremely grateful for any donations, large or small!

For further details please contact:




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