Blogmas Day 6 | DIY Christmas Bunting

Recycling Halloween Bunting into Christmas Bunting…

Whilst shopping for Christmas decorations this year, I came across some lovely bunting which I very nearly bought, until…

I remembered the Halloween Bunting I had bought. So I decided to get a little crafty and thought I would share with you what I did.

This was extremely simple to do and I think even making it from scratch wouldn’t take long. I enjoyed making the Christmas Bunting, it was so straight forward and easy to do, completely fuss free for a quite afternoon at home. I just caught up on some vlogmas and got my paint brush out.

Even if you’ve already decorated, remember this DIY can be adapted to suit your home perfectly. Choose your favourite Christmas colours and get it matched identically to your Christmas decorations. For a smaller banner, just make it from scratch and decrease the size of your triangles.


What colours would yours be?

Let me know in the comments!!

To make from scratch you will need…

  • String
  • Card
  • Paint (red, white, silver)
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint pens (optional)


1. Remove the card triangles from the string, making two piles of 7.

2. Paint one pile of 7 red and for the others, mix white and silver, painting the remaining 7 a shimmery grey.

Add water to the paint to thin it out. This will save on paint and make it easier to apply.

3. Lightly draw on your lettering with a pencil.

If you’re less comfortable with writing free hand, try making block lettering using a ruler. Remember the lighter you draw, the easier it will be to rub out and correct.

4. On the red triangles paint the lettering using the shimmery grey and on the others paint the lettering in red.

You can either use paint and a fine brush or a paint pen. I found the paint pen a lot quicker and easier to use. Just ensure you’re happy with how they work to avoid leaking ink.

5. Once dry, simply thread the triangles back onto the string, tying each end and hang up along your wall.

Simple. Easy. DIY.

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