I love these cute little snowmen. They’re so so easy to make and the design can be personalised to suit any Christmas décor colour scheme.

This crafty snowman would be the perfect little addition to your Christmas decorated mantle piece or window ledge. I’m sure there’s even room for a family of them under your Christmas tree!

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  • White sock
  • Elastic band
  • Rice
  • Coloured sock for scarf and hat
  • Felt tip pens for features

Step-by-step guide…

Download the FREE printable guide with pictures

1. Fill your sock ¾ full with rice.

2. With an elastic band, tie the top securely shut to avoid any rice spilling out.

3. Use another elastic band and secure it 1/3 of the way down to make the shape for the head and body

4. Cut off the toe of the coloured sock to use as a hat and cut up the rest for the snowman’s scarf.

5. Finally, use the felt tip pens to draw on the snowman’s eyes and buttons down his body.

Cute, simple, cheap and easy to do!

For an extra crafty touch, try using sewing pins for eyes and attach tiny buttons to the body.

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