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Self developmentJoin me on my self development journey as I share with you my top tips and favourite methods to staying motivated, being organised and productive, reaching my goals and most importantly living a happy life being the best version of myself.
I have categorised this section into mindset, life and life lessons.


The ‘Mindset’ section is pretty self explanatory, here I share my top tips on living a happy and successful life along with research of my own which I hope to implement in my own life as I learn.


The ‘Life’ section covers a growing collection of life hacks from planning your daily routine to achieving your long-term life goals.
Throughout the monthly ‘Life Lessons’ series you’ll read about my take on some important life lessons from people at the top of their game. Whether that be motivational speakers, Olympic athletes or famous film stars – coming soon!


To accompany some of my self development posts and maximise your chances of success and growth, I’m creating a growing number of worksheets and e-books for you to use along side the blog posts. All of which will be in a printable format so you can have them to hand and ensure you are getting the most out of each post.

Getting access to resources:

Make sure to subscribe to this blog to make ALL of the printables available to you.. for FREE! Once you have subscribed I will email you with a password for the resources page, if for whatever reason you do not receive an email within 12-24 hours, contact me and I will get back to you ASAP! Or if you have facebook you are welcome to join my Self-development group where you will find all the resources in a downloadable and printable form – Facebook group coming soon

I run a number of challenges and series within my self development section, so keep a look out for the chance to take part and maximise your growth and development amongst a growing community of like-minded people – coming soon!

Me, Myself and Life

This section is a giant mash-up of topics which I love and enjoy too much to miss them out!


Follow me around on my adventures and trips over on my ‘Travel’ page. Here I share with you my favourite places to visit, things to do and see, plus random stories and experiences which I encounter on my travels.


Discover with me a love for food with simple easy to follow recipes (because I’m no chef although I like to think so sometimes), most of which will be stolen from Pinterest but will definitely be fool proof if I’ve managed to make a success of them! You can join the vegetarian club (even if you’re not a veggie) as I discover new found favourites and work towards discovering my perfect dessert. Plus tips and tricks to eating healthy without losing the taste and enjoyment!!

Current favourites

Follow my current favourites to find out about new products, or re-discover old classics! All of which I’m loving using. Be prepared for a wide variety of items from homeware and stationary, to beauty and fashion, to food and completely random products.


Here you can find out a little more about me and my life outside of blogging. WARNING: REFERENCE TO HORSES MAY APPEAR IN THIS SECTION 😂 as they tend to consume my life.
Feel free to get down to the nitty gritty of my deepest darkest secrets.. just kidding. But you’ll find out random facts about me over on my Q+A series – coming soon

My DIY Projects

Like many bloggers and people who create content, I love getting creative and coming up with new ideas. This creativity usually brings its way into my home and office. Here I share with you my DIY projects as I create my dream work space and furnish my home as beautifully as my student budget will allow!

House move series – coming soon!


Every year I jump on the blogmas hype and TRY MY BEST to write 1 blog post everyday from the 1st December right up until Christmas Eve, 24th December. These tend to cover handy Christmassy DIY’s, Christmas organisation, top tips, lots of delicious recipes and of course all things decorations and gifts!


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Brand new section to my blog as I share my passion for social media marketing with you – more info coming soon